press and media selections.

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New York Times Book Review: Misfit Creatures, Otherwise Known as Kids Today (New York Times)

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Talking to Jomny Sun: Here’s What Twitter’s Alien Philosopher King Is Doing Now (Vice)

This Week's Bestsellers: July 10, 2017 (Publisher's Weekly)


audio and video selections.

Jonny Sun Melts Our Cold, Cold Hearts (BuzzFeed's Another Round podcast with Heben and Tracy)

Jonny Sun Finds Freedom In Being An Outsider (Forbes: The Limit Does Not Exist podcast with Christina Wallace and Cate Scott Campbell)

Twitter virtuoso Jonny Sun finds meaning in the 'consciously simple' (CBC q Radio)

The Strange Hope of Being an Alien (Sounds Good podcast with Branden Harvey)

It Is Ur Art: A Conversation With Jonny Sun (WAMC's The Roundtable with Sarah LaDuke)

Jonny Sun (Yo, Is This Racist? podcast with Andrew Ti)

Jonny Sun (Dreams TV video interview)